Compensation Methodology

We put you first. 

Our platoon at is devoted to helping you find the best suitable available internet and television services in your area/zip codes. We use client satisfaction scores and reviews as the foundation of our evaluations. After all, who knows further about the client experience of an Internet Service Provider( ISP) than you — the factual client? 

 Your feedback is vital to our motivation. Subscribing to every internet service provider in America is nearly impenetrable. rather, we calculate on being guests ’ gests , questions, and crucial pain points to help our druggies find the right Internet Service Provider( ISP) for them. 

Along with assaying client feedback, we also completely probe the different types of internet( Fiber, Cable, etc.), including where each type is available and how it affects the client experience. 


How do we keep free for you?

As a consumer, you can pierce all our perceptivity for free. To keep our point free to use we’ve chapter connections with some of the Internet Service Providers( ISPs) you ’ll find on our point.

This means that when you order service from these providers, they pay us a commission. Our chapter connections can also affect which ISPs appear on our point and where we rank them.( Other ranking factors include government data, in- depth exploration, and our own moxie in the internet field.)
To insure our druggies have the most accurate data possible, we also get information regarding specific packages and elevations from our brand mates.

Since we want to give a broad overview of all internet options, you’ll also find ISPs that we do n’t have connections with. We also may feature advertising on sections of our point. We encourage consumers to order from whichever provider works best for them.